Do you feel called to be in the Church and in the world to be a humble joyful witness to the love of God?

Do you want to give your life so that every person may be truly alive and that those of little account may not be forgotten?

Do not be afraid to

Risk your life, risk your faith

If you believe in life

If love becomes real in your heart,

If freedom dwells in you as a token of happiness,

Then, take the risk and go this way...

If you have plans,

If others have their share in working out their future,

woman walking

Then take the risk and go this way...

If the Church has a face that is,

worn and twisted with age,

Radiant with resurrection-life,

Then take the risk and go this way...

Take the risk of faith,

Leave without baggage and money,

Open your hands, create bonds of love,

Trace the Gospel in the depths of your heart...

Have no greater love than to give your life,

Be open to joy surpassing all hardship,

Be open to life given by God,

Set out and walk this way...

Risk your life, risk your faith...

Are you willing to walk this way?

For more information on becoming a Sister of St. Gildas please contact Sr. Ann O’Sullivan - Vocation Director.

Information on different ways of following God and about Samuel discernment groups can be found on the National Office for Vocation website. There is a wealth of information to be found there.

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