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As Sisters of Christian Instruction, known as the Sisters of St. Gildas, we have been called by God to live out our Baptism as Apostolic Religious and we welcome, as a gift of the Spirit, our vocation to follow Christ in his Church. In the steps of many women who have gone before us, we in our turn tread the way opened up by our founders Gabriel Deshayes and Michelle Guillaume. Inspired by their experience and the strength of their faith, we try in our day to discover how we may best express, together in community, the mystery of Christ.

Our mission is to witness to Jesus Christ to proclaim the Gospel. We are sent out in small communities that strive to be open to the life of our contemporaries, especially those in need. We are engaged in various professions and forms of service especially education. nursing, care of the sick, pastoral ministry and social action.

The power of the Gospel message is an invitation for us to reach out from wherever we are, to those who are most affected by injustice and poverty. This is our way of being faithful to the inspiration of the early years of our Congregation, It is through the education of country children and the care of the poor and the sick, that our first Sisters proclaimed the good news of Jesus Christ.

Extracts taken from our Constitutions number 8 and 9

Open hands
...Abandon yourself without reserve
to the Providence of the Lord...

— P. Deshayes, circular letter, 22nd October 1830

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