Our Way of Life

Our life is simple and fraternal. We are inventive and ardent. Our communities are close to the lives of the people we serve, striving to witness to the Spirit of the Gospel. To respond to God’s call in our lives and follow Christ in his Paschal Mystery, as sisters, we make choices that contradict some of our most basic desires. What appears to be impossible, what is “folly in the eyes of the world” is made possible in our lives “because nothing is impossible to God”.

Trusting in the Lord, we consecrate ourselves totally to him and, by pronouncing publicly vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience, make a commitment in the Church.

Sisters of Christian Instruction - St Gildas

As Sisters of St. Gildas we are called to:

Follow Christ the Servant

We want to join those who live in solidarity with the humblest and work so that each one may grow in humanity.

Announce the Gospel

We want to join those who propose Christ as the way of life and happiness.

Live together a missionary fraternity

We want to be with those who are makers of peace and of reconciliation.

Cultivate a style of life that is evangelical and missionary

We want to be with those who put the human element at the heart of economical, social and political choices.

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