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Our family - religious and lay

Our spiritual family is made up of professed religious together with lay men and women wishing to share our charism and spirituality.

We share the same gospel values and are moved to live these out in a spirit of humility and childlike trust following Christ’s example and the example of our founders, Gabriel Deshayes and Michelle Guillaume.

All members are invited to let ourselves be fashioned and:

  • To give one’s life humbly, in the day to day;

  • To trust, like a child who counts on the love of his Father: “In Thee I trust” ( In Te confido)

  • To seek an ever closer union with Him who is the source of all gift, while accepting, like Mary, to be moulded by his Word.

Our fraternity is formed by:

  • proximity with those who are given us in the day to day living in mission

  • “tender charity” made of respect, listening, support

  • desire to nurture, educate, to bring about more humanity and to announce the Gospel

  • attentive presence to those in need

  • contribution to the local Church, each one according to his position and his gifts.

We open our hearts and minds to the voice of the Spirit in order to “continue the mission of him who went about doing good” (Fr Angebault).

Chemin d’ Emmaus Federation symbol

In the year 2000, following 6 years of research and exchanges between 4 congregations, the Federation “Chemin d’Emmaus came to birth.

The congregations:

Sisters of Providence of Sees, founded in 1703 to be “channels of the goodness and love of the Father”*

Sisters of Providence of Ruille-sur-Loir, founded in 1806 to be “witnesses to the love and goodness of God”

Sisters of Providence of Peltre, founded in 1806 to “announce the tenderness and mercy of God”

Sisters of Christian Instruction of St Gildas, founded in 1820 to be “humble and joyful witnesses to the love of God”

Each congregation has its own identity and remains autonomous, but we are committed to working in solidarity with one another so as to announce the Good News of Jesus Christ. This we do so enriched by each other’s charisms and spirituality.

Our aim: to serve the church and all God’s people by collaborating together in ministry and mission.

Our priority: work together in favour of the most deprived in our society through our presence in the local church and various charitable organisations.

*The sisters of Providence of Sees have now united with the sisters of Providence of Ruille and now form one congregation.

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