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Day of Prayer for Vocations
Sunday 22nd April - The church sets aside this day as “Good Shepherd Sunday” a day to give thanks for all vocation states of life and to pray for the increase in discernment awareness, in all baptismal calls, to love God and serve his people. In particular, we are encouraged to pray for vocations to the Religious Life and priesthood. Let us always be attentive to the small voice of God calling us forward to follow in his footsteps. Pope Francis's message for Vocation..
Father Gabriel Deshayes, 6th December, 1767–1841
On the 6th December it is 250 years since the Birth of Gabriel Deshayes the founder of the the Sisters of Christian Instruction. On this special day we give thanks for the life of Gabriel Deshayes and for the ardent work he began. We ask God’s blessing on the many religious Congregations that keep Fr. Gabriel’s work and mission alive throughout the world today...
Prayer in honour of Gabriel Deshayes
God our Father, you have raised Gabriel Deshayes in your Church to make of him a pastor according to your heart, We praise you for all the apostolate he exercised, in his varied works and ministries. You made him aware of the needs and problems of his time; help us, who wish to discover anew his person and his life journey, following in his footsteps to be touched by the distress of the world today. Grant that we may bring to this world, in joy and serenity, some of..
The opening of the 36th General Chapter of the Sisters of St. Gildas
During a Eucharistic celebration that took place on July 4th Sister Marie-Thérèse, Superior General opened our 36th general chapter. A chapter is an important time of the Congregation, when the delegates from the whole congregation come together to look back and reflect over the past 6 years and prepare for the next 6 years to come. The Chapter has the responsibility of electing a new Superior general and her councillors whose task will be to implement the decision..
Feast Day of the Congregation of the Sisters of St Gildas - November 8th, 1820
Each year on the 8th November, the sisters of St Gildas celebrate the anniversary of the first Vows of the first six sisters in the parish church of Beignon, a small town in the heart of rural Brittany, France. This year, the Dickenson Road community in north London chose to mark it by celebrating together with the lay members of our spiritual family. We were full of gratitude for the legacy these sisters have passed on to us through our charism which is alive and active to this very da..
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