Prayer in honour of Gabriel Deshayes

Gabriel Deshayes

God our Father, you have raised Gabriel Deshayes
in your Church to make of him a pastor according to your heart,
We praise you for all the apostolate he exercised, in his varied works and ministries.

You made him aware of the needs and problems of his time; help us, who wish to discover anew his person and his life journey, following in his footsteps to be touched by the distress of the world today.

Grant that we may bring to this world, in joy and serenity, some of the hope which you had put in the heart of your Priest, raise in your Church young people willing to live their great dream of love and of self offering to others. Grant them to express today, in words and in deeds the message of the good news, as Gabriel Deshayes did in the words and circumstances of his time.

We praise you for all the Religious Congregations and the many charitable organisations Founded, raised, renewed or encouraged by Gabriel Deshayes, have achieved and are still achieving for the spread of your Kingdom of Justice and Peace.


God our Father, grant us through the intercession of Pere Gabriel Dehayes, the grace which we ask of you. (Name the grace requested)

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